Exchange programme SICUE/ SÉNECA School of Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering

Exchange programme SICUE/ SÉNECA

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The SICUE is the exchange system between Spanish universities

The Ministry of Education and Culture convenes it through the CRUE - Conferencia de Rectores de las Universidades Españolas .

It aims to promote the mobility of students between Spanish universities to enable students to complete part of their studies in another university. Its like an Erasmus but among Spanish universities.

Students may apply depending on the mobility of the places offered by your home university, which are the result of the signing of bilateral agreements between universities.

SICUE Program is supported by several types of scholarships, among which is the Spanish program of aid for student mobility SÉNECA of the Ministry of Education . Students who have obtained places of mobility , according to SICUE, you can aim for SÉNECA scholarships.

SICUE es coordinate by the University of Granada, specifically the Vice-Rector for Students (Oficina SICUE-SÉNECA. Servicio de Asistencia al Estudiante). Its function is to inform the student and process the necessary documents, moreover it handles the administrative side.

Office Sicue-Séneca.
Servicio de Asistencia Estudiantil.
Adress: C/ Severo Ochoa, s/n.
Phones: + 34 958.241520 and +34 958.246121.
Fax: +34 958.243134. --LOGIN--08c731b72e2806531595ba424c35c136ugr[dot]es

Each center has a manager who is responsible for advising and helping students, primarily on academics.

General information


OFFERED DESTINATIONS: For the first time, there are destinations for students of GRADO (the new degree)

Important dates:

  • Sicue's applications shall be received from 30 January to 20 February
  • Publication : INTERIM RESOLUTION 21 March.
  • Claims: until 30 March.

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