Horarios del curso 2012-2013 School of Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering

Horarios del curso 2012-2013

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Academic calendar 2012/ 2013

  • The timetable of the different degrees is indicated in one table divided into four-month period and year.
  • The theoretical time appears shady
  • The practical time appears blank
  • Under each abbreviation, it shows rooms of the subjects
  • Each line of the table belongs to an hour. The same day of the week can appear in several columns. The subjects that are in different columns means that they are given at the same time and day of the week
  • Degrees with different theoretical groups will take place at the same time (the letter of the group is indicated between brackets)
  • The exam timetable of each official announcement is available.
  • If there is any new in the academic calendar, it will be show on this guide, not the student guide. You can always consult the section * *.

Academic calendar

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