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Centre board

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The centre board is the highest body of governance of the school. It's made up of 100 people, the Civil Service University includes around 51 people, 9 people represent the rest of teaching and research staff, 24 in named of the students, 8 on behalf of the administrative and service staff and 8 representing the departments of the school. The centre board is presided by the director and the secretary of the school.

The secretariat is provided by all the information related with the Regulations, members of the centre board, Governance committee and the rest of commitees that make up the different sectors of the school.

Composition and structure

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Bureau of the centre board

The bureau is the governing body of the centre board. The bureau would have, inter alia, the following functions:

a) Interpret the Internal Regulations..

b) State the meeting schedule, order and manage debates and adopt agreements for what is necessary to ensure normal performance of the sections

Governance Committee

The centre board chose from their members a Governance committee in which is representing the different sectors (teachers, students and administrative and service staff) and moreover the management boar of the school. This committee takes charge of preparing works for the centre board, and then process the agreements of the centre board.

# Members of the Governance committee

Delegate Committees

This committees are created in order to facilitate and expedite the preparatory work . They are presided by the director or the deputy director. The different committees are:


The centre board is in charge to make the agreements that are publics and moreover, they can be downloaded and consulted.






Private documents

Only for members of the centre board.



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