Corporate identity School of Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering

Corporate identity

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Corporate identity

This section will show you what the official logos of the school and Councils Titling Computing and Telecommunications.

You can only make use of the same institution, any other use must be approved by the school management. Regulatory standards on corporate identity can be obtained at the UGRwebsite of the Secretariat.

These logos are the official mark. In case to use one, remember that they can not be cropped, distorted or changed. They are only allowed to:

  • Resize, keeping the proportions
  • Use grayscale versions as an alternative to the original colors.

Vertical version


Horizontal version

Council logo Informatics Degree

Titling logo Telecommunications Council

Logo of the University of Granada

Other logos

Computer Studies

This coat of Computer Studies was originally created in 1996 by the School Webteam of Granada for be used in the first web of the center (the first in Granada and one of the first in Spain), following the guidelines set in the BOE.


Como anécdota, esta versión del escudo ha sido adoptada por casi la totalidad de universidades y facultades españolas, usándose en numerosos productos de promoción, congresos, orlas, etc. ¿Cómo lo sabemos? Porque aparte de que realizamos el original desde cero, cometimos un error de interpretación y diseño que ha sido reproducido sin corrección desde entonces. Anecdotally, this version of the shield has been adopted by almost all Spanish universities and colleges, being used in many promotional products, conferences, borders, etc.

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