Adaptation to new undergratuate degrees School of Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering

Adaptation to new undergratuate degrees

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Preferential registration period of adaptation request

Notification by the Director of the Higher Technical School of Information Technology and Telecommunications Engineering

According to the guidelines for the adaptation of the students from undergraduate degrees on the way to extinction, the rector of the University of Granada and his delegation have established that for this school:

  1. The Preferential registration period of adaptation request in the next academic year 2012/2013 will extend to 29 May 2012 at 09:00 am until 22 June 2012 at 14:00 pm
  1. There is no guarantee to access an adaptation request to be processed after this date
  1. Requests must be submitted online using a form available on the website of the corresponding degree which will be explained on the next section. Once you have entered the information, you must print and sign the form.
  1. You must sign and submit the form in person or by ordinary registered mail in the secretariat of the school. It is indispensable to certificate the form in the student's academic record.
  1. Those applications, duly completed and signed, not delivered in the school secretary will not be accepted.

The only requirement to apply for the adaptation of their studies to the new degree is to have at least one subject of the first year on the way to extinction surpassed

Granada, 28 May 2021

Joaquín Fernández Valdivia Director

Acceso a la solicitud de adaptación a los nuevos grados

Puede generar el impreso de solicitud de adaptación al Grado por medio de la siguiente aplicación:

El documento resultante deberá entregarse firmado en la Secretaría del Centro para hacer efectiva la solicitud.

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