Attention: the deadline for enrollment in the Internships course for the 2020/2021 academic year is until June 4, 2021.


ETSIIT students who want to carry out external internships (Computer Science and Telecommunications degrees) must follow the instructions detailed on the degree website, so that they can be recognized later.

Official master's students (computer science and telecommunications), in addition to the option detailed in the previous link, will be able to carry out curricular internships managed by ETSIIT itself. Details will be given directly to those enrolled in the corresponding degrees.

or academic queries regarding internships, contact the Infrastructure and Economic Affairs Sub-Directorate (

  • Labor inquiries: @email

  • Administrative inquiries:

  • Academic inquiries:

  • Computer Engineering Master's degree inquiries:

  • Telecommunications Master's Inquiries:

Due to the particularities of this subject, neither the deadlines nor the usual online enrollment tools in other subjects are the same.

The registration period usually opens at the beginning of October and closes at the end of May (specific dates are notified through notices on the student mailing list and announcements in the usual media used at Centro).

Students enrolled in the subject "Business Internships" may appear in the Ordinary (June) or Extraordinary (September) call. The exact date for the delivery of the necessary documentation to be able to evaluate said subject will be notified through the ETSIIT student distribution list and the usual news publication media in our center.

Similarly, in the case of requesting recognition of optional credits for external internships, there are also two calls, one in November and the other in February of each course, approximately. These calls are also notified in advance through the email distribution list and the usual news publication means in our center.