Facilities and Services

Classrooms and Halls

Among the facilities that the center has, stand out those which are for the development of theorical and practical teaching, as well as for the rest of academic activities (conference rooms, study rooms, etc.):

Software necessary for using the electronic board which is in 1.1 and 1.8 classrooms

There is specific software installed for specific subject

  • Conferences, works presentation and meetings classroms
  • Work spaces for ETSIIT students
  • Outside area
    • ETIIST has an outside area with garden, tables and benches.
    • Rules:
      • Respect the furnitures. Don't move the furnitures.
      • Don't throw waste or garbage out of the bins and containers.
      • Don't throw cigarette butts on the ground.
      • Don't throw liquid waste.
      • Don't smoke in the covered outdoor table area.
    • Security:
      • The enclosure has surveillance cameras
      • Cession and rental of spaces in the ETSIIT

Cession of spaces

The regulations and prices for computer science classrooms, theorical classrooms, practical classrooms, meetings halls, conferences halls and work halls rental can be consulted on the University of Granada budgets.

Form for request cession of spaces

Cession of spaces regulation



Schedule and Contact

  • Since monday until Friday from 7:45 to 22:15
  • Phone numbers:
    • Administrative/Departments building: 958 242800
    • Class building: 958 240819 (ground floor), 958 242817 (third floor)

Staff and Services

Staff directory


2 Encargados de Equipo de Conserjería (mañana y tarde)

2 Técnicos Especialistas de Conserjería /Medios Audiovisuales (mañana y tarde)

13 Técnicos Auxiliares de Servicios de Conserjería

2 Técnicos Auxiliares de Seguridad (mañana y tarde)

1 Ayudante de Oficios de Servicios Técnicos de Obras, Equipamiento y Mantenimiento


Connected services



Entre las instalaciones con que cuenta el centro, destacan aquellas destinadas al desarrollo de la docencia teórica y práctica, así como para el resto de actividades académicas (salas de conferencias, salas de estudio, etc):

La normativa y precios del alquiler de aulas de informática, aulas de teoría, aulas de prácticas, salas de reuniones, salas de conferencias, salas de trabajo, etc. se puede consultar en los presupuestos de la Universidad de Granada.

Formulario para solicitar cesión de espacios


Horarios y Contacto

  • De lunes a viernes de 7:45 a 22:15
  • Números de teléfono:
    • Edificio de administraciones/departamentos: 958 242800
    • Edificio aulario: 958 240819 (planta baja), 958 242817 (tercera planta)


Personal y servicios

Directorio personal


Servicios relacionados



Repography and Photocopie

The ETSIIT has a repography service located on the basement floor, beside the cafeteria.

Currently, this service offers you ALSA SL PRINTS with the following email for contact them:


Cafeteria and Dining room

The ETSIIT has a cafeteria and a university dining room. Both of them are located on the basement floor of the main building.

Security service

  • ETSIIT Phone Numer: 665 421459
  • Phone Number for university community in special cases. This number is available 24 hrs, 365 days a year

The technical aids for the improvement of Universal Accesibility in ETSIIT can be consulted clicking on this link.

Building organization

The ETSIIT is divided into to parts, which are connected:

Each one of this buildings have five floors and a semi-basement.

Planta 0

Planta 1

Planta 2


Planta 3

Planta 4

Planta 5


Planta Baja