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In 1999, the Webteam of the school installed some discussion forums for users and visitors from the center, being one of the first forums used in our country.

Those forums have been a meeting point and discussion point of students, teachers, administrative staff and guests.

The proper functioning and use of this service of those forums is done by a team of student volunteers

Guidelines for proper use of the School forums


School's forums in Granada claim to offer a fluid communication channel between members of this institution on issues related to the School of Computing and Telecommunication Engineering of Granada. They can express their opinions, hold discussions and make constructive criticism on issues related to the operation of our school.

Forums field

You can distinguish several forums to try to organize messages in response to a specific topic. Messages should be sent to the appropriate forum (in case of doubt should be sent to 'General' forum), otherwise, if you sent a wrong message to a forum administrators, they are allow to delete it.

How to send messages to forums?

  • Members of the school (students, teachers and PAS)
    • Users must be identified by a password that the center will provide them (turing password). Sent messages are automatically posted without having to be revised.
    • Once that the user is identify, he can choose that:
      1. appear your real name (default)
      2. appear a nickname
    • In case you choose a nickname, first of all it must be registered, in order to avoid possible false identity. In any case, the forum administrators identify the author of the message at the request of the competent authority.
  • Visitors
    • In this case, the messages must be reviewed by the forum administrators before publication.
    • Those forums will limited especially the content of these messages to topics of general interest to members of the university community and have some relationship with teaching and other aspects of academia.

Message contents

The forum administrators reserve the right to delete those messages, whether identified or not, that:

  • Infringe rights of third parties protected by the Spanish Constitution and the Law (right to honor, right to privacy, etc). Do not forget that the Right to Freedom of Expression has certain limitations under the Spanish Constitution
  • Contains personal attacks, insults or threats, whether individual or collective persons.
  • Its content has markedly xenophobic or sexist connotations.
  • May be offensive to other members, containing sexually explicit terms or include links to adult sites.
  • Do not have content, trivial messages or is empty
  • Forums have been sent to unsuitable for its subject. In case of doubt, any message can be sent to the forum 'General'.
  • Include advertising deliberately, especially if this is hidden in another guise. It is not allowed to offer services in the forums.

Finally, remember that forums are from the School of Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering from the University of Granada and, therefore, it is assumed that all messages should be written with proper education and maturity that is assumed to members of our university community.

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